RFC-6733 (Diameter Base Protocol)

Here we are explained various aspects of Diameter Base Protocol with examples, Topics are as follow:

1) Introduction to Diameter 
       Improvements of Diameter over RADIUS
2) Diameter Message Structure and Message Flow
       Diameter AVP Structure
3) Diameter Peer Discovery
4) Capability Negotiation
5) DIAMETER Connection Establishment
6) Diameter Agents
7) Diameter Peer Connection and Disconnection
8) Diameter Message Transmission
            Peer Table Explained
       Realm Based Routing Table
       Diameter Message Processing

9)    Message Processing at Redirect Agent
10)Securing Diameter Messages

       IPsec [Obsoleted]
       TLS Transport Layer Security


  1. what test tool can be used to test RFC 6733.
    we are using seagull but its implementation conforms to RFC 3588 which is obsolete.

    1. Hi Vijay,

      RFC-6733 can be implemented by seagull. Kindly share which feature you want to test that is not supported by Seagull.

      Thanks for your query.
      Happy to help you again