(International Mobile Station Equipment Identity and Software Version Number)
IMEI is used to uniquely identify a user equipment (Generally all equipment except CDMA). It is of 15 digits, but only first 14 digits are used in telecom for service delivery  This IMEI is used when user equipment (i.e Mobile Phone) is stolen to stop the services to that User equipment. IMEI is marked as Black listed. IMSI has following format

1) Type Allocation Code (TAC) : It is of 8 digits, tell the type of device, which governing body has approved it and Manufacture/Assember of Device. Last 2 digit of TAC called as Final Assembly Code denotes the manufacturer or assembler.
2) Serial Number (SN) : This is used to uniquely identify the equipment with in a TAC
3) Check Digits/Spare Digit (CD/SD): This digit is used to avoid Transmission error.
4) Software Version Number (SVN) : Tells the software version used by the equipment.

Mobile equipment identifier (MEID)

This is used to uniquely identify CDMA devices, it is of 56 bits i.e. 14 HEX characters  this string can be seen as IMEI but in HEX digits. It is of following format.

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  1. IMEI Dial Code: Track IMEI provides a number of ways to do that by entering a special code. Dial *#06# on screen. Your phone's IMEI number will show.

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