Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Explained

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Introduction to TCP

 TCP Message format

                TCP Header Format

             TCP Control Flags

             TCP Window

             TCP Checksum

 TCP Connection Establishment

             3-way Handshake Connection

             Simultaneous Connection Establishment

             Reset Flag Usage

             Duplicate SYN Detection

             Half Open Connection

  TCP Close Connection

          4-way Handshake

  TCP Extension

         TCP Option-0 “End of Option”

            TCP Optoin-1 “No Operation”

            TCP Option-2 “Maximum Segment Size”

            TCP Option-3 “TCP Window Scale - WSopt”

            TCP Option-4,5 “Selective Acknowledgement SACK”

            TCP Option-8 “Timestamp”

            TCP Option-14 “TCP Alternative Checksum Request”

            TCP Option-15 “TCP Alternative Checksum Data”

TCP Portal for live queries

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