Diameter Routing Agent (DRA)

What is Diameter Routing Agent (DRA)?
DRA is an application with all functionalities of Diameter Relay Agents along with some additional functionalities such as load balancing, routing diameter traffic based on any field (such as user-name,origin-host etc.)

Functions of DRA
1) Routing Diameter messages to specific node.
2) Act as a load balancer where it can divide traffic with various policies such as round-robin etc.
3) It can remove/add Record-Route AVP that contain origin-host identity of node that a message passed though, to hide intermediate nodes if required.
4) It can route  message to a node base on given field such as IMSI, User-Name, Origin-Host Identity etc.
5) It can advertise or un-publish support of an application to a node. 
6) DRA can be configured to meet any specific requirement (proprietary case) of a vendor/operator

Benefits & Realtime use-case of DRA

Realtime Use-case of DRA

Above images are self-explanatory, We know there are multiple application nodes in a network interacts with one of more nodes then number of connection increases and become difficult to configure and handle them. Moreover every connection shall have primary and secondary connection that shall make situation more complex to handle that's why operator uses DRA.

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  3. This is a nice explanation. By the way, can anyone explain clearly about Round Robin mode ?